As with the principle of information on data protection, the interested party must be informed of the use of the installation of cookies in their browser when accessing a website owned by the company. Said information must be done as follows:

In the first layer of the information principle, the following indications should be taken into account:

  1. An alert mechanism that appears at the time of the first access of the person to the web page.
  2. If through cookies we can collect personal data, the interested party must be given the option to accept or deny the installation of cookies in their browser. Consent must be granted as an affirmative and positive option, and the rejection of cookies must be a real option. Additionally, these records must be kept securely in order to demonstrate these
    consent to the supervisory authority.
  3. In the informative alert itself, the user must be given the possibility of deactivating cookies, allowing their configuration. In turn, cookies should only be installed once the user has accepted their use.
  4. Optionally, it is recommended that in annual periods counting from the user’s first visit, consent is renewed.

In the second layer of the information principle, you must establish, at a minimum, the following information:

  1. What are cookies.
  2. Description of the cookies used on the website.
  3. How you can configure and disable cookies in each browser.
  4. Conservation or update periods.
  5. If international transfers are carried out, specify it

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