Our team of Ultra Reformas pest control specialists is ready to attend to any emergency in urban and agricultural environments. The experience in the area has allowed us to evaluate specific situations, creating a service oriented to achieve an integrated pest control, which guarantees the total elimination of the problem, without causing adverse effects on the ecosystem thanks to the minimal use of pesticides and biocides.

We will analyze the situation and create customized solutions preserving the environment.

  • Rat extermination: We offer an integral service of rat extermination for any space (homes, companies or administrations). The process consists of the elimination of rodents through the placement of traps or fumigations in the affected area, followed by a control to verify that the pest has disappeared.

In addition, preventive measures are taken, carrying out several treatments a year to avoid their reappearance, such as repairing holes, sealing gaps, removing piled up boxes, etc.

  • Disinfestation and elimination of any type of insect pest: We take care of completely eliminating any insect pest present in homes or businesses, using the best plans and techniques of disinsecting and implementing products with immediate effects and non-abrasive to the environment.
  • Urban bird control: Our urban bird control services are oriented to prevent and eliminate this type of pest that usually causes economic and structural damage. We have a team of technical specialists in charge of carrying out the inspection, studying the case and providing the most adequate solution, elaborating an effective project with the best tools and work equipment.

EGF Group is a consulting firm specialized in the Gay Market (LGBT). It is a unique and integral concept of business services oriented to the gay community (LGBT), with a professional trajectory of more than 6 years.

Loottis is the leading portal for LGBT tourism “Made in Spain” with more than 60,000 monthly bookings. According to the World Tourism Organization, of the 1.2 billion international tourists in 2016, 35 million belonged to the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual community.

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