In Ultra Reformas we use the most current technological resources to offer each client a quality, comfortable and avant-garde service. We develop systems capable of automating homes, buildings or companies, with the objective of implementing satisfactory solutions thanks to a good integral energy management. In addition to this we offer fully customized engineering consultancy to adjust the expectations of the project to the particular needs of each client.

We offer:

  1. DESIGN ACCORDING TO YOUR NEEDS: Ultra Reformas professionals analyze, through an organized work scheme, the particular needs of each client to execute a personalized and optimal design. All the technological solutions that we carry out are the most appropriate according to the project and specific characteristics.
  2. COORDINATION AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: During the construction management we create and provide the necessary technical documentation for the correct development of the project. We also carry out a continuous monitoring of the different phases of work, in coordination with specialist engineers and professionals to ensure that the work is carried out efficiently.
  3. PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: From the beginning to the end of the project, our clients will have the support of a technological advisor, who will attend to any consultation or suggestion that may arise during the execution of the work. Therefore, trust, communication and transparency are part of the values that define our work.
  4. COMMISSIONING AND CUSTOMIZATION: The home automation systems we implement are adapted to all the needs of our customers, to achieve the highest level of customization. The system can work exactly as the user wishes.

EGF Group is a consulting firm specialized in the Gay Market (LGBT). It is a unique and integral concept of business services oriented to the gay community (LGBT), with a professional trajectory of more than 6 years.

Loottis is the leading portal for LGBT tourism “Made in Spain” with more than 60,000 monthly bookings. According to the World Tourism Organization, of the 1.2 billion international tourists in 2016, 35 million belonged to the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual community.

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