Where can I learn carpentry online?

Where can I learn carpentry online?

Carpentry is a trade that is dedicated to the transformation of wood into objects with practical or artistic functionalities such as: furniture, chairs, shelves, sculptures, among others. Within this work there are different styles of carpentry: that focused on construction, that of the furniture industry and that of decoration.

Likewise, it is a manual activity that has existed for thousands of years, but which today continues to be important for all the creations, arts or objects that derive from it and help human development. It is practiced in all parts of the world, so learning this trade can be one of the best decisions to invest time.

Thanks to new technologies, especially the internet, there are various educational resources on this work. Anyone with a stable network connection can learn carpentry interactively, easily and without any geographical limits.

Online courses with certificate

Woodworking Course at Edutin Academy: This course website is recognized and offers students a certificate with international validity, reliable and safe. It lasts 23 hours, with 5 units of topics. The language of the classes is in Spanish and the course is completely free. The contents of the 5 modules are: the nature of carpentry, the derivatives of wood to create different objects, the tools that are needed and; the different techniques and strategies used in this trade.

Euroinnova Training: In this course page, you will be able to instruct yourself in carpentry in a comfortable way, since you will organize the classes according to your daily routine. At Euroinnova Formación they offer you a carpentry course and a joinery course, with different practical workshops, so that little by little, you obtain the necessary knowledge in this task. The students organize their class itinerary around 7 short workshops, on different topics, and at the end they receive an approved degree.

Other platforms

If you don’t have a budget or time to dedicate to an online course, there are other simpler platforms. The only difference is that you will not be able to get a certification, but you will be able to get the essential knowledge. YouTube is one of them, because on this website there are thousands of videos that can explain quickly and easily what you want to learn about carpentry.

We recommend these channels: Domestika and Desert Woodpecker. In them there are playlists with various classes, for beginners, on the wonderful world of carpentry. Review the different options found on this website, the important thing is that you can learn the basic concepts so that you can create your own projects.

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