Basic tools at home

Basic tools at home

It is necessary to have a set of basic tools to be able to carry out daily tasks, solve problems, make decorations or small arrangements. These tools are easy to use and can support you to carry out the activity in the shortest possible time, without having to spend extra money on a person to do the work for you.

If you don’t have a high budget, you can acquire these instruments little by little, until you manage to assemble your perfect box of utensils. The most important thing is that you have the tools that you require the most according to the needs of your residence, but there are 5 that can never be missing, and they are:

The hammer

It is the most essential work item on the set. You must acquire one that is not very small. The most popular and used are those with a wooden handle, but we recommend that you buy one that has a metal handle so that it lasts longer.


These instruments are used to tighten or loosen screws and other elements of a machine. There are several types: flat, star, allen, among others. The flat and star tip are the most common for simple home repairs. We advise you to buy multiple screwdrivers with different tips and lengths, so you can solve any domestic problem.


They are clips that serve to hold or modify the shape of objects or materials. This instrument is also used to bend or cut electrical cables, or wires. There are many types of pliers, according to the tip of your pliers, but the most necessary model is the universal one. This allows you to perform basic and simple tasks.


It is a manual tool used to loosen or adjust nuts, bolts and pipes. It is important to acquire several of different sizes, and with different opening diameters, to achieve any repair that occurs.

The drill

With this machine holes or perforations are made in hard materials. It is easy to use, only bits of different thickness are required to penetrate different objects. There are two types: electric and manual.

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