Tips for preventing Covid-19 in the workplace

Tips for preventing Covid-19 in the workplace

Ultra Reforma advises you to follow these recommendations to prevent contagion by Covid -19 in the work area.

Given the presence in the world of the Coronavirus, preventive measures must be considered to avoid possible contagion between workers. For that we recommend the following:

1.Workers should take their temperature before going to their job

2. At work you must comply with the preventive recommendations established in the company.

3. You must maintain a safety distance of 2 meters with the rest of the workers of the work during the performance of the tasks, in meeting rooms and toilets.

4. You must wash your hands frequently in the areas set up for this purpose.

5. Extreme the cleaning conditions of tools and machinery, especially if they are used by several people.

6. They should not share cutlery, glasses, bottles, or drinks among colleagues, being convenient to mark, with an indelible marker, their initials.

7. Remember not to share personal protective equipment (gloves, glasses, masks, etc.) with other workers, and it is convenient to mark their initials with an indelible marker.

8. You should not touch your face, especially eyes, mouth, nose, even if you are wearing gloves.

From Ultra Reforma we join the commitment that characterizes us to protect the health of our employees, and take all the necessary preventive measures to continue providing a quality service

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