Home Carpentry

Home Carpentry

Carpentry is one of the most sought-after trades when it comes to remodeling spaces both inside and outside the home. It happens that in many areas the implementation of wood as a repair material or visual improvement for our environment is essential today for issues of quality and comfort.

Within the carpentry, we find several aspects. The first is carpentry focused on construction, which is mainly dedicated to making doors and windows. The second is more focused on the furniture industry, with the creation of all types of furniture, whether chairs, tables, or even closets. When the furniture is dedicated more to the decoration part, the work passes to a cabinetmaker.

This is a profession that has been practiced for thousands of years and is considered one of the oldest in existence today. As it is so old and so common all over the world, each culture treats wood differently and uses different tools.

Before starting to work with wood we must take into account a series of basic and previous requirements. First, we must know the tools we will need and the type of wood. Not all woods are the same, some are harder than others. This is the case with oak, which is quite strong, and if we do not have the right tools we may not get the desired results.

Among the tools we should have, we can mention manual or electric saws, sandpapers, a countersink for the screws, and complements such as varnishes or paint if we are finally going to embellish it.

As this material can be used to build from structural pieces to decorative elements, it is perfect to devise mixed designs where two or more uses are combined in a single piece of furniture.

Thanks to its resistance, wood has always been a protagonist in cabinets, closets, and other storage spaces. You can use almost any type of this coating to make your designs as long as you protect it from moisture to ensure its durability.

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