Construction work in times of quarantine.

Construction work in times of quarantine.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused approximately 900 million people worldwide to remain in their homes. Among them are construction professionals, who due to the nature of their work require the presence of the worker to carry out the activity, whether it is painting, repairing plumbing, etc.

This type of work is impossible to do from home, like many other professions that have that opportunity, so it has been affected in these months of confinement. The time can be used to perfect some work techniques, see online courses, or work with people you know as long as the rules of prevention are respected.

Once the construction activities are restored in different companies, the dynamics of work will certainly not be the same, because the pandemic changed completely our daily lives, now we must establish prevention protocols that allow us to be protected in our workplaces.

At the moment it is necessary to see this situation as an impulse to continue preparing ourselves in each area that we perform so that when we return to our jobs we have new tools that improve the quality of our service.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a wave of sadness, uncertainty, and disruption, we want to remember that while we have little control over this situation, we are all in full control of our response and our time.

We encourage all builders to do what we do best: to face the future with optimism and creativity, and to adapt to the current circumstance so that when the pandemic of the virus crown passes, and what will happen, we will come out ready to design a better future.

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